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Welcome to my art blog


Thank you for taking the time to stop and visit my page.

Art is a big part of my life and i have been drawing since i was little. I use it as a way of de-stressing and curing boredom. For years people have been telling me i should do something with it, but i have always felt i’m not good enough to do so.

Give me a picture to copy and i can make something that looks half decent but ask me to draw something from memory or to make something up and it usually ends up looking like something a toddler did at nursery.

I’ve decided that now is the time to change this and every day going forwards, i will be trying to make time to practice and learn how to draw without using references. At the suggestion of my partner, i will be documenting my journey online via this blog.

I will try and post drawings on here every week, whether they are good or bad, and would appreciate any tips or feedback you have for me..

Some of the drawings i post will be copies of drawings i found online. Credit for those goes to the original artists and i will say when the drawing is my version of someone else’s artwork.




Happy Halloween

I know they aren’t drawings, but i love getting creative with pumpkins and making Jack’O’Lanterns.

The two photos below are of the pumpkins i carved last year and the year before. Every year, my work have a pumpkin carving competition and i always volunteer to carve for my team.


Inktober 7. Enchanted

Inktober 4. Freeze

Inktober 3. Bait


Bit late to this but I’ve decided to take part in inktober this year. Got a bit of catching up to do so will probably be posting in bulk. First up….the prompt was Ring.

Sometimes when i’m on my break at work i draw in my notebook. Here are some examples


Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail